Direct Marketing

Use MCH Direct Marketing Data to Get Results!

When you partner with MCH, you are gaining a team with solid industry knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the nuances unique to institutional market segments. We are proud to provide the highest quality data and services available:

Direct Mail: Utilize this popular channel to acquire new customers, promote subscription offers, and more specifically to convert a prospect to a customer. Direct mail offers can be personalized, campaigns can be keycoded for use in later analysis, and it’s a channel that most marketers have been using for a number of years.

Channel_e™ Email: MCH Channel_e Email solutions is a comprehensive and sophisticated suite of e-marketing tools that can be used to achieve your lead acquisition, customer acquisition, and customer retention goals. With the Channel_e email marketing database, you can immediately reach customers and receive almost instantaneous responses.

Analytics: MCH offers four tools that are very useful in planning marketing campaigns and data analysis: ESP™ Profile, Channel_e™ Profile, Channel_e Enhanced Reports, and matchbacks. These tools are designed to help you identify your target audience and the market segments that best respond to your offers, as well as analyzing the results of each campaign.

Custom Data Solutions: The MCH Response Lab™ provides a wide range of data solutions for our clients including creating custom databases, file cleaning, data appends, and more. Client data projects range from simple to extremely complex. Using MCH Response Lab services can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

All MCH databases are geospatially enabled. Accurate latitude and longitude coordinates are available as well as the degree of accuracy from rooftop, to street site, to streets for all points on the database. Our geospatial data is used for emergency planning purposes and by public utilities and railroads governed by stringent regulatory compliance mandates.

The MCH Response Lab™ provides a wide range of data integration services for our clients including creating custom databases. The Response Lab team has in-depth knowledge of our databases and also understand the nuances unique to institutional data. They know the questions to ask to ensure that our clients get the final product they are expecting.