Direct Mail

Use MCH Direct Mail Addresses with Confidence!

Direct mail is still the most popular marketing channel and is used to acquire new customers, promote subscription offers, and more specifically to convert a prospect to a customer. Direct mail is popular because offers can be personalized, campaigns can be keycoded for use in later analysis, and it’s a channel that most marketers have been using for a number of years.

When you use direct mail to market to schools, hospitals, and other institutions, there are several nuances that can make or break your results. MCH has recruited top talent with solid industry experience to better guide our clients in creating their direct mail strategies. In addition, MCH is a U.S. based compiler of direct mail marketing databases and uses stringent compiling rules to ensure that we can offer the highest quality data available in the marketplace. Our compiling rules are also the reason we can offer the GetThereā„¢ Guarantee on every MCH-compiled mailing address!

Here are just a few examples of the nuances associated with marketing to institutions:

  • Institutions represent about 12% of the records on a typical B2B database, but they represent 33% of the U.S. economy. It’s easy to under-market to this segment.
  • Business metrics and attributes are not appropriate for institutions. You can’t market to a church based on number of employees or annual revenue.
  • Many institutions share physical and/or mailing addresses and often have similar names. A church may also have a school or daycare facility located at the same address. Or, all schools in a district may have their mail delivered to a central district office for distribution.
  • You need to control the number of pieces going to any one institution. If the prospect has a high potential, for example Mayo Clinic, you want to make sure you market to several people at the institution.
  • You should suppress your customer file if you are promoting a subscription offer since your customers have already purchased from you.

MCH’s sales managers have years of experience in helping clients create successful direct mail campaigns and drive results.