Data Services

Bad data is bad for your business.  Not only is there a monetary cost to the data itself, but when you factor in time wasted and missed new business opportunities, the numbers grow exponentially larger. MCH can help you maximize your time and increase accuracy through our data services. 


Data Hygiene

Accurate data is the foundation for sales and marketing programs. Improve your data accuracy by working with the experts in our Response Lab. Services include; append and reverse append, CASS, File cleaning, and validating email address formats.

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Custom Profiles

Reveal Market Segments that are most apt to respond to your offers. We'll match your customer file against MCH's database to provide you with insightful information regarding responders and non responders. We'll deliver a comprehensive report that provides detailed information on your market segment, as well as identifying what is missing in your customer file.



Reach hot email leads faster with MCH’s eRespond product.  Our proprietary email scoring solution uses real-time data to rank and score individuals in institutions most likely to respond to email offers.  Target smarter, eliminate inefficiencies and improve email engagement and deliverability.  Add lift to your email campaigns.  Learn More.

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MCH Global Data Services

Campaign Reporting

Response data from any email campaign deployed through our Channel_e™ service is refreshed every four hours. Receive a link to actionable data that includes opens, clicks, and opt-outs. Your sales manager will review these reports with you to help you make decisions to optimize future campaigns.

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