Data & Counts

MCH Strategic Data works to provide the best education data

The entire education industry is enormous. It encompasses hundreds of thousands of physical locations, from early childhood schools to the largest high schools and it’s made up of millions of teachers, principals, coaches, and more. MCH Strategic Data’s knowledgeable, experienced data compilation team has amassed an extensive amount of information about schools, school districts, and school personnel that is always growing and evolving.

From MCH Strategic Data’s Education Database, users can select the features that best fit their needs, in order to create incredibly targeted marketing lists with the best advantage for success. Whether it’s control, enrollment, funding, religious affiliation, technology in use, or programs offered, MCH’s Education Database can help you create multichannel campaigns using postal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

In addition to institutional data, MCH Strategic Data also provides resources for contacting school teachers, librarians, principals, and coaches at their home addresses and personal emails in order to truly drive campaigns that convert.

Monitor Service

One of the most unique features of MCH Strategic Data’s Education Database is the Monitor Service, which has been declared as, “The first real education marketing innovation in decades.” Using advanced data technology, MCH’s school database is updated twelve times a year, at near real-time speed. As the average school website is updated for staff changes 4 to 5 times a year, new names are added to the database within the month after they were posted on the school website, outdated data is removed, and current data is verified as accurate on a constant basis.

Count on MCH Strategic Data for your data needs

Whether you are seeking to reach math teachers, superintendents, or private Catholic schools, MCH Strategic Data’s Education Database and expert data compilation team is here for you. We understand that the education marketplace is challenging and constantly changing, and we strive to provide the best, most accurate data along with a range of custom-tailored data services to help you reach your best prospects. Run successful campaigns to the education marketplace by clicking “Get A Quote” today.