Your data has a story to tell, and MCH data and analytics solutions can help you tell it.

MCH expands offering to include tailored analytics and IT solutions. 

Businesses need to harness the power of data to find their competitive advantage. In a data-driven world, our customers not only need to ingest quality data faster than ever before, but they need to be able to analyze the data to make intelligent business decisions

“Empowering our customers to be able to prioritize product offerings, create more efficient marketing budgets, and even define sales penetration are just a few areas our new services can help,” said Amy Rambo, President of MCH Strategic Data.   

Our Expanded Team

MCH expanded their team of data engineers, data scientists, and IT professionals with skills and experience to address customer-specific needs.  They will support the new suite of analytics and IT services that include:

  • Enhanced Sales Potential Report
  • Data Mapping
  • MCH Buyer Modeling
  • MCH Data Cloud
  • Market Analysis Services
  • Enterprise IT Development


MCH, a Microsoft Certified Partner, offers cost-effective solutions for businesses to gain insights and intelligence, even if they don’t have an in-house analytics team.

“We want our customers to be able to answer critical questions about their business,” said Kelly Holder, CIO of MCH Strategic Data. 

  • Do you have an integrated view of your customers?
  • Can you analyze your customers’ behavior to influence their future behavior?
  • Can you apply business rules to detect abnormalities?


“Your data, when viewed holistically, tells a story,” said Holder.  “MCH wants to help you tell that story.”

Whether you want a turnkey solution or just need help on one aspect of a data integration project, MCH has the right people, tools, and technology that you need.  For more information about MCH’s analytics services, contact