Courts to Decide Educational Funding Formula in Texas

TexasDue to funding decreases during The Great Recession, Texas school districts are awaiting the verdict of their lawsuit against the State of Texas. More than 600 school districts have filed suit against the state saying that the state has failed to adequately fund their districts, as is written in the state constitution.

District Judge John Dietz is expected to give his decision in January. In February 2013, Dietz ordered dramatic changes in the funding of schools. He withheld his final ruling to give legislators time to remedy the problem in regular session. Texas lawmakers increased funding by $3.4 billion dollars and reduced the amount of testing in Texas schools. This was a start for Texas educators, but with the budget having been slashed $5.4 billion in 2011, they want the issue revisited.

Will the legislators’ efforts be enough? Or will we see a vastly different funding formula in Texas?

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