October is Connected Educator Month

More and more, educators are going online and using social media to network, collaborate, and find information and resources.  As an organization or industry executive, you can be part of this movement, too.  We can’t be in the classroom with teachers, or in school with administrators, but we can be in a virtual community with educators who are anywhere in the country or the world.

Why join this connected educator world?  Virtual communities help us get closer to educators, to understand their needs and challenges, and that can turn into more effective products and services. It helps us think more like colleagues rather than vendors.

edWeb.net and MCH Strategic Data have been helping educators get connected since 2009. edWeb has online professional learning communities on the topics of most interest to educators – many with a focus on integrating technology. You can host or sponsor a community on edWeb to provide thought leadership, build deeper relationships with educators, and gain great leads.

edWeb and MCH are focusing particular energy on supporting new teachers through edWeb’s New Teacher Help community.  If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting initiative or any of the programs we have to help you reach connected educators, contact edWeb’s founder, Lisa Schmucki at lisa@edweb.net.

And be sure to check out the events planned for Connected Educator Month, convened by the connected education community, with the full support of the U.S. Department of Education. Get involved at connectededucators.org.

edWeb.net is a partner of Connected Educator Month, helping educators engage in online professional development during the month of October, and all year long!