Complete Marketing Lists for Preschools

For complete marketing lists for preschools, contact MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data has amassed an extensive Early Childhood Database which gives clients access to contact information for over 350,000 locations that serve over 16 million children nationwide. This database also contains mailing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of decision makers located at preschools, daycare services, and more. From the Early Childhood Database, marketers can create complete marketing lists for preschools, based on individual school or personnel.

The complete marketing lists for preschools can be sorted by a variety of factors in order to create the most targeted lists. Users can search for preschools based on level(s) taught, local population, type of preschool (pre-K vs. child care center), and more. Additionally, users can locate specific personnel based on job title (i.e. director, owner, etc.), teacher title, type of personnel (administrator, teacher, care provider, etc.), and more.

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