Data is Compiled and Verified in the United States

Our data is compiled and verified in the United States. In an era where call centers and data compiling is often done overseas, MCH Strategic Data has made a concerted effort to keep their research and verification practice right in America’s Heartland.  For Peter Long, CEO of MCH Strategic Data, it’s simply the best way to guarantee a full-time workforce of highly-motivated and hard-working professionals.

Average Tenure of MCH Research Team = 25+ years

It’s true.  The research and compiling team at MCH has an average tenure of 25+ years.  They are employed full-time and receive benefits including medical and dental insurance and a 401K plan.  But, that isn’t the reason they have built a career at MCH.  MCH is like an extended family for them.  “MCH emphasizes work-life balance,” said Kandy Hayworth, an MCH Research Specialist who has been with MCH for 20 years.

Kandy compiles and verifies data, and she is often the first impression people have of MCH.  She has a deep understanding of why her role is critical to the backbone of the products and services that MCH offers.  Day in and day out, her time and efforts ensure that MCH data is accurate.  “If there is a data element in question, I don’t assume.  I pick up the phone and call the source to verify,” said Kandy.

Every Day Is a New Experience

The MCH research department handles a wide variety of situations and calls every day.  According to Research Supervisor, Glenda Fuchs, “The great thing about being in the research group is that no day is the same, no contact is without its own pleasures, and variations in activities keep us engaged and captivated with the work we do.” Her team is trained and eager to deal with an assortment of tasks that utilize their many skills, and the many people they speak with daily add a fantastic dynamic to their days.

“One of the most interesting experiences I had was when I was calling a school in Alaska to verify contact names,” said Glenda.  “I was told that the principal was the only one in the building who could verify names.  I was on hold for quite some time, waiting for the principal to pick up my call.  Later, I found out that the principal had to fly in on a plane, due to the remote location of the school.  The reason it took so long for him to pick up the phone was that he was actually deplaning when I called.”

On the Forefront of Trends

For a workplace to be a great environment to work in, it takes a lot more than interesting scenarios and enjoyable conversations. According to Brenda Viets, Director of Research at MCH, “The environment in which we work is meant to be positive, enticing and inviting. We are encouraged to be outspoken with suggestions and feedback on all aspects of research.”  Many times, the team takes feedback from MCH clients who are looking for new job functions and roles.  Other times, MCH picks up changes happening online, and those changes manifest into survey questions.  This multi-facet compiling methodology helps us spot trends and gather insights.


For these reasons, MCH continues to keep our research operation in the U.S.  Our team will never be undersold or outdone. They come to work with a smile and leave confident that the work they have done has made an impact. They take pleasure in offering their hearts to find rewards in the people they speak with and work with.   MCH data is powered by people.

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