Channel_e Response Lab Services

Channel_e Response Lab Services

Channel_e Response Lab
Increasing your response rates is MCH’s goal. That goal is the Response Lab team’s focus and specialty. You can leverage our knowledge and experience to improve your marketing campaigns with Channel_e Response Lab Services.

Services provided include:

  • Channel_e Append & Reverse Append
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • CASS (Coding accuracy Support System)
  • File cleaning
  • Inspection of HTML for delivery issues
  • Validating email address format
  • Custom personalization

The MCH Response Lab works diligently to ensure the accuracy and hygiene of data files, as well as helping clients reach the correct target audience. In addition, the team is always available to help clients understand what to expect in their data processing, how our data is compiled, and the continuous daily enhancements to our database.

Channel_e Append & Reverse Append

Gaps in your customer file? Increasing email bounces? Channel_e Append is the solution you need. You can increase your reach and save money by having the freshest data in your customer file. The process is simple. You provide your customer file to MCH and we match it to our comprehensive database. When a match is found on a record with no email address or an alternate email address is shown, MCH will append the new email address.

Conversely, if you have only an email address and need the contact’s complete record, we can provide name, job function, institution name, mailing address, and phone number.

We’ll work with you to determine how frequently your file should be updated so you can be sure you are getting the highest return on your marketing investment.

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