Channel_e Profile

Channel_e Profile

Channel_e Email Profile
The Channel_e Profile is an essential tool that reveals the market segments most likely to respond to your offers. This in-depth analysis benefits you in two ways: you can identify hidden markets and learn who your target audience really is and you can adjust your marketing plan by selecting the target audience most likely to respond to your offers. In addition, your market penetration is easy to understand through charts, graphs, detailed data, and segmentation according to dozens of key attributes.

Here’s how it works:

MCH matches your customer file of email addresses that have been captured from customer inquiries, responses to offers, and other lead generation efforts to the entire MCH database. We prepare a profile that provides detailed information on your market segment, as well as identifying what is missing in your customer file.

One of the key benefits of a Channel_e Profile is that it reveals the job functions and market segments that are most interested in your products and your company. In addition, you can see the number of additional targets available to you. You can increase your profit by dropping the lowest performing segments and redirecting your efforts to higher potential prospects.

You may also choose to add the Channel_e Reverse Append option and we will provide missing information including contact name, job function, institution name, mailing address, and phone number.

Click here to see a sample of the Channel_e Profile. The user name and password are pre-populated so all you need to do to access the document is click the “Submit” button.

The results of the Channel_e Profile are strictly confidential and are used exclusively to benefit you in developing your marketing strategy and improving your effectiveness.

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