Channel_e Companion

Channel_e Companion

Create integrated marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, response rates, and ROI! Boost the impact of your Channel_e email campaigns by adding a postal marketing campaign with Channel_e Companion, and enjoy the benefits in savings with this specially priced multi-channel component.

Studies have shown that combining direct mail and email campaigns to alert prospects and customers about upcoming offers or to provide a reminder about one they have recently received significantly improves the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and generates higher ROI.

In addition, companies that have a strong web presence and engage in multi-channel marketing including direct mail, email, customer service, web, and telephone sales often achieve increased brand awareness.

You can rely on MCH’s direct mail and email marketing expertise to help you create and execute a successful multi-channel strategy. We have years of experience in helping our clients understand the nuances of institutional marketing. We can help you answer the questions: Who should I target? When should I send a direct mail piece? When should my email deploy? How can I best maximize my reach?

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