Business-to-Institution Marketing: Optimizing the Value of the Purpose-Driven Industry

Business-to-Institution Marketing Webinar

Discover the value in the business-to-institution (B2i) market with a free webinar presented by MCH Strategic Data and Multi Service. This one-hour webinar defines institutions—i.e. the .org, .gov, and .edu segments—totaling more than 2 million in the United States. Institutions include healthcare facilities, places of worship, educational organizations, government entities, and other non-profits.

In this presentation, you’ll learn these important facts about the complex B2i market:

  • How to adapt your marketing efforts to reach the decision maker
  • How institutions conduct business and how they differ from businesses
  • The complex process of billing and payments
  • Plus, learn how to become an approved federal government vendor!

Presented by:

  • Kirk Chritton, Director of Marketing & Product Development, MCH Strategic Data
  • Mark O’Connell, President, Multi Service

Download a PDF of the presentation.