BILLIONS revised

Find out who is spending, how much, and on what.

K–12 administrators have billions of dollars left to spend and a deadline to do it. In fact, 225,000 U.S. school and district administrators will spend their remaining budgets by June 30.

How are they spending?

Who are they, and what are they buying?

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Building & GroundsSupplies
Business ManagersBooks & Media, Professional Development
District StaffCurriculum Materials, Supplies
LibrariansBooks & Media, Supplies
PrincipalsBooks & Media, Curriculum Materials, Professional Development, Supplies, Technology
Special Education AdministratorsBooks & Media, Curriculum Materials, Supplies, Technology
SuperintendentsBooks & Media, Curriculum Materials, Supplies, Technology
Technology AdministratorsTechnology

How do they want to hear from you?


The clock is ticking, but the bell hasn’t rung…

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