Back-to-School Interactive Data

Explore the Back-to-School Season With Digital Charts and Maps You Can Manipulate.

In our recent blog post Back-to-School by the Numbers, readers were taken on a journey from June through Labor Day as schools reopen across the country. Now you can access the same tool we used to prepare that post and explore for yourself. At MCH we know that access to quality data is fundamental to building successful strategies and delivering sales results. That’s why we provide you with this hands-on experience of MCH Data – #1 ranked, highest quality data in the industry.

How to Use This

For starters, tap on the introductory text in the gray boxes below for a week by week exploration of the MCH Back-to-School forecast. To select a specific week, slide the toggle at the top to arrive at the exact week you wish to examine. Tap on any part of the charts or maps  for a pop-up with more details.

MCH INTERACTIVE DATA  (may take a few seconds to load)

How do Marketers Leverage Back-to-School Timing?

A number of bright circulation managers, deeply familiar with these trends, begin mailing catalogs regionally in July based on back-to-school schedules. At times, they combine mailings with a series of supporting email deployments before, during, and after anticipated catalog delivery. They use email to increase frequency, drive greater awareness and increase catalog response rates.

Other marketers use a series of targeted email communications to engage educators during that brief period when they are back at their desks, quietly planning and anticipating students’ return. Their hope is to establish interest prior to the flood of post Labor Day communications and classroom distractions.

You can also use email as a tool to hone messages and offers prior to committing to a control in other channels. Because nearly 80% of results typically occur within the first 24 to 48 hours, there is ample opportunity to gather valuable intel before the school market has fully returned.

If you have the capacity to conduct regional marketing programs or are interested in some quick feedback to sharpen your back-to-school communications, this back-to-school period can be an excellent time to try some tests.

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