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B2B marketers can reach decision makers responsible for spending millions of dollars by targeting the institutional segment of the business-to-business market. Our high-quality Education, Healthcare, Government, and Religion data is phone verified and compiled in the U.S.



The MCH K-12 School database includes Public, Private, and Catholic schools and access to 5 million educators. The database is extensive and is compiled, updated, and maintained by a full-time U.S. staff. Our K-12 database is also available online through Infinite Access.


School Districts

The MCH School District database provides access to decision makers responsible for controlling school budgets, curriculum needs, and setting purchasing policies. You can use our data to reach the top 1,000 districts or select districts by enrollment, features, funding, open/close date, and more.


Early Childhood

MCH is the only compiler of an Early Childhood database encompassing 530,000 decision makers at 345,000 institutions. Early Childhood programs serve more than 16 million children and are found at schools, Head Starts, Child Care Centers, and Home Day Cares.



The MCH Government database includes City Government and County Government offices located at city halls and other locations throughout the U.S. We compile more than 60 job functions. Use our data to precisely target your offers to the right person, at the right place, and at the right time.



The MCH Healthcare marketing database includes hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and many more locations. In addition, we can provide contact information for doctors, dentists, and emergency services personnel.

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The MCH Religion marketing database includes 279,000 institutions, broken down into more than 90 denominations. We can help you identify religiously affiliated schools, churches with youth groups or choirs, or locations that provide after school child care.

Emergency Services

The MCH Emergency Services marketing database includes contacts at fire, police, and sheriffs’ departments, ambulance services, and hospital emergency departments. Marketing results can vary dramatically based on location, control, and type of service.

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