• Direct marketing via mail or email: More of our customers use our data for marketing than any other purpose.
  • Support public service notifications: If you need to reach all schools about something like a public health emergency, MCH can do it.
  • Analyze campaign results: Matching response infor mation to our data enables marketers to understand what segments perform best and worst.
  • Establish sales territories: Give your sales people equally challenging territories.
  • Identify high value sales targets: Find the biggest, the the richest, or whatever criteria is important to you.
  • Identify new markets: Find other markets for your products.
  • Create internal marketing databases: Create you own database for prospecting, modeling, or analytics.
  • Conduct market research: Research your markets by analyzing the data or using the data for external research.
  • Populate their CRM: Load up your CRM with appropriate schools and contact names.
  • Enrich their customer files: Append data that makes your own data more meaningful.
  • Validate legitimacy of insurance claims: Make sure your claims come from established and known entities.
  • Enhance their modeling capabilities: Add rich data from MCH to make your models perform better.
  • Regulatory compliance: Some industries are required to notify vulnerable populations near their rights of way.
  • Identify leads: Enrich your leads with rich information from MCH so you can understand who they are and reach them through multiple channels.
  • Populate web services: Use MCH data behind the scenes to enrich your web services.
  • Clean/purge customer and prospect files: Validate and/or update your data from the frequently updated MCH database.


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