Analytics Services

Harness the power of MCH data to enhance your customer experience, retain or grow customers, increase sales, or obtain insights needed to grow your business. Our solutions leverage our quality data and technology expertise, and range from custom analytics services to enterprise IT development.

Azure Database Development

MCH-hosted Azure databases provide near-real-time access to data and analytics services.  Our industry-leading hosted solutions can be accessed through a broad range of tools and data platforms.  Clients may easily access the MCH cloud through middleware ETL tools such as Dell’s Boomi and Talend, and platforms including AWS, Oracle, and MongoDB.

MCH’s data engineers optimize cutting-edge analytics tools such as R and Python to deliver robust insight, historical views, and advanced reporting capabilities.  Clients using these tools can expand their own analysis in the MCH cloud.

Data Mapping

Data mapping is a free service provided by MCH that shows equivalent elements or schemas among multiple databases.
Data mapping allows you to better integrate and match your data to standard source identifiers, enabling your data to be accessible, comparable and ingestible to multiple sources.

MCH Buyer Modeling

MCH offers a multi-tiered approach to buyer modeling that helps customers understand the needs of their customers on a deeper level.  Depending on the depth of insight needed, customers can select one, or all of three of these tiers to help make more informed decisions.

Tier One-Custom Profiling

Understand more about your customers, buying behavior, and sales and marketing strategies by combining your business data with the power of MCH data and analytics.  Our data science team leverages the power of cloud computing, statistical modeling, and the latest machine learning techniques to create cost-effective, proven strategies that promote revenue and growth.

Tier Two-Cluster Analysis and Lookalike Audiences

Businesses want to know more about their customers.  A cluster analysis is a way for businesses to categorize and organize a group of individuals based on similarities and differences.  Understanding the differences allows businesses to focus efforts, expand messaging, and even develop products and services tailored to each group or cluster.

Tier Three Propensity Modeling

Would you like to know what, when, and where your customers are likely to purchase?  These questions, among others, are often answered by propensity models.  Essentially, propensity modeling correlates customer characteristics with anticipated behaviors or propensities.  MCH will score your customer segments to optimize many variables in your business—anything from how frequently to email clients and prospects, to maturation time needed to convert to a lead to a sale. These scores can often be appended to your CRM or marketing automation platforms.

MCH also helps customers identify new potential customers or lookalike audiences.  We’ll analyze how prospects behave, or in some way, resemble your current customers.  Bring in new customers who may not be aware of your brand, but meet similar characteristics of those who do, giving you a better chance of making your prospecting efforts successful.

Market Analysis Services

In a data-driven world, companies must pay attention to their customers.  MCH can help provide companies with insights and intelligence solutions to gain a deeper understanding of their customers.   With that deep understanding is the ability to transform.

List Fatigue/Decay

Understand the rate of list decay/fatigue to improve engagement and response rates. On average, a typical B2B list decays at an annual rate of just above 23% per year.

Customer Lifetime Value

In an era where sales and marketing professionals not only need to validate the success of their outreach programs, understanding the lifetime value of a customer is critical.  MCH can help predict the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

Market Basket Analysis

MCH can help identify patterns in your transactional data that tell you which products or services are often purchased together. Grow your business by understanding what products are key drivers of your business.

Customer Reactivation

When competition is fierce, reactivating customers is an essential strategy for growth.  MCH can provide campaign recommendations for markets that once were strong, but have since fallen off.

Enhanced ESP Report

Get a deeper understanding of your audience segments.  Using attributes from your existing data, along with MCH attributes, this report provides a longitudinal look at defining characteristics such as product type, market segment, geography, buying patterns and more.

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