Use MCH Analytic Services to Improve Your Results

MCH offers four tools that are very useful in planning marketing campaigns and data analysis.

  • ESP™ Profile: From the broadest B2B marketer to the narrowest vertical-specific marketer, we can help identify the subsets of your markets that are the most valuable to you. The profile is based on your database of 5,000 or more customer transactions. The results are strictly confidential and are used exclusively to provide you with detailed recommendations for further marketing campaigns.
  • Channel_e™ Profile: The Channel_e Profile is an essential tool that reveals the prospects that are most likely to respond to your offers. This analysis benefits you by helping you learn who your target audience really is based on their past behavior. You can adjust your marketing plan, select the right target audience, deploy your email message, and work toward converting prospects into actual customers.
  • Channel_e™ Enhanced Report: MCH provides our clients with comprehensive, in-depth information on their Channel_e deployments. The report includes detailed statistics so you can fully understand the offers your customers responded to and which target market is the most responsive. Features include detailed information on opens, clicks, and other metrics across multiple segments, as well as an Opt-Out Report. The Channel_e Enhanced Report is interactive and allows users to dynamically sort on any metric and use the data for analysis. Report data can be exported into a spreadsheet or statistical software for in-depth market research analysis.
  • Matchback: The Matchback is vital to understanding which list segments perform best in a mailing. While the Profiles are used to identify customers or cumulative transactions so you get a picture of your best buyers, Matchbacks are name and campaign oriented. You can list segments identified by keycodes that are responding well and the segments that aren’t. Some direct mailers build a marketing database for a season and pull lists from it multiple times. The matchback from the first mailing can help improve successive pulls by identifying the highest responding segments.

The analytical tools above are just a few of the ways MCH can help you create strategic marketing campaigns, analyze results, and achieve the highest results.