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The business-to-institution (B2i) market is the portion of the business-to-business (B2B) market which MCH specializes in. Institutions are comprised of government offices, libraries, schools, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, fire and police departments, child care centers, and many other entities that together make up our communities and influence hundreds of millions of people every day. Institutions represent about one-third of the U.S. economy, yet they are not sales, profit, and ROI driven like businesses.

MCH’s specialized compiling process collects the appropriate data and personnel that define institutions. Marketers who utilize business-to-institution data will find the benefits of improved response rates, higher return on investment, and increased lifetime value compared B2B databases that do not adequately define institutions.

Here are few things to think about and some reasons why institutions make ideal customers:

  • Institutions don’t buy like businesses, act like businesses, and can’t be segmented like businesses.
  • General B2B data doesn’t accurately reflect institutions. Business metrics and attributes are not appropriate for institutions. You can’t market to a church based on number of employees or annual revenue.
  • Institutions cannot be segmented accurately using SIC or NAICS codes.
  • Institutions are big, are often among the largest employers in a city, and many have budgets equivalent to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Decision maker names aren’t on response files. Decision makers at institutions are often hidden by the formality of finance departments and purchase order processes.
  • Institutions can’t spend money they don’t have; there is very little credit risk in this market.
  • Institutions are much more stable than businesses.
  • Businesses are incentivized to come in under budget. Institutions are governed by use-it-or-lose-it mandates. If you don’t spend your entire budget prior to the end of the fiscal year, you may not receive a similar budget allocation in subsequent years.
  • Purchase size and fiscal year end are crucial elements in creating a campaign.

MCH is the only compiler who truly understands all of the nuances associated with marketing to schools, hospitals, local government offices, and religious institutions. Call us today to find out how you can leverage our knowledge and experience to create successful strategies and campaigns.

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The MCH Team

The MCH management team is led by executives Peter Long and Amy Rambo. MCH has recruited top talent and has built a management team with decades of experience. The management team has knowledge and leadership experience required to spearhead corporate growth. Many of the managers were previously MCH customers, so they have an intimate grasp of what our clients value about quality marketing data.

Compiling Methods

MCH spends millions of dollars a year to update, maintain, and enhance our institutional databases. Our compilation team is located in our Sweet Springs, Missouri headquarters location and nearly 25% of the team has been with MCH for 10 years or more. High quality data is vitally important to our clients. Local, state, and federal government agencies use the MCH institutional database to plan and implement emergency response.
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MCH Strategic Data is proud to partner with industry leaders to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.
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