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MCH Monitor Service
MCH’s Monitor Service is truly a game-changer and something that was not even possible before now.

The MCH Monitor Service is the result of a new compiling method that updates school and school personnel data monthly by monitoring websites published by schools for staff changes. This translates into the MCH school database being updated 12 times a year, near real-time.

What’s in it for you?

With this new service, we are absolutely certain we can provide you with the freshest and most accurate data available in the education marketplace. And, you will have access to new names when the schools publish them and before your competitors. In addition, other names are verified or deleted as the websites are changed.

Did you know?

The average school website is updated for staff changes 4 to 5 times a year so an annual compiling cycle simply cannot keep up with the frequency of these changes.

The Deal-Clincher?

There are no “gotcha” fees associated with the Monitor Service – it’s yours for the same price you’ve always paid for MCH data. We invite you to order sample data to test and compare to names compiled using existing technologies.

And, finally

Monitor Service compilation is fully controlled by our staff in Sweet Springs, MO. Monitored Schools are dependent on published staff listings on school websites. Data at our other schools is compiled and verified using the sources that we have always used: staff directories, class schedules, web research, state and/or other databases, and telephone.

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