113,819 K-12 Education Professionals New to Schools

Just last week [wo Aug 17, 2015]  27,198 k-12 educators joined the payrolls bringing the 2015/2016 school year cumulative total to nearly 113,819.

  • We forecast the number to reach over 325,000 by Halloween
  • That represents a churn of 11% of the market
  • Forecasted total churn in the 2015/2016 school year is over 16%

How Do We Know? 

Uniquely, MCH technology monitors schools on a near realtime basis and collects those contacts for education marketing outreach. We have the benefit of having tracked the 2014/2015 school year and have been presently monitoring new educator arrivals since July 1 of this school year. Enjoy watching counts grow by job title by visiting our website on a weekly basis.

Why Is This Important?

– Opportunity –
Educators new to schools present a special opportunity for marketers. You’ll likely never have lower intertia to gain new product trials and form a deep brand connection. This includes both educators new to the profession and educators who have switched schools. Brands looking at the long haul recognize that engagement now can have significant impact on lifetime value First-movers have the advantage.Getting in front if educators new to institution early and often with assistance, engaging content, and trial offers enables you to gain a valuable foothold and make a connection before the tidal wave of promotions, offers, and content hit.

– Challenge –
With 16% educator churn rate, and nearly 70% of that churn occuring between the months of July and October, maintining data quality becomes a key challenge for marketers. Marketing programs that rely on data need to have a strategy for updating data as close to real time as possible to avoid 16% churn turning into significant wasted marketing expense.

Finding Educators New to Schools 

MCH has developed proprietary technology that monitors schools and district offices on a real time basis. It’s been called “the first real innovation in education marketing in decades” by industry professionals. Every month, MCH Monitor(TM) scans over 64,000 schools looking for updates in personnel.

As new professionals join the ranks, we bring them into the MCH Education database – sometimes months before the competition. By compiling data at a near real time rate, MCH does not struggle with the catch-22 challenge that periodic compilers face. Periodic compilers must either wait until late in the school year to compile new to institution names or pull the trigger too early and leave out a significant number of new to institution names.

Explore the New To Institution Universe

  1. Watch our weekly blogs as we announce the climb in counts versus forecast
  2. Visit the MCH Website weekly and view of new to isntitution names by the job titles that interest you.

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