185,000+ Educators New-to-Schools

Just last week another 37,331 US educators joined the payrolls. That brings the year-to-date total to 185,149. The MCH forecast is nearly spot-on, indicating the market will experience an expected 16% churn rate. For school marketers, this is important. It represents both a significant challenge and a terrific opportunity.

Avoiding Significant Waste – Grabbing Marketing Opportunity

Marketers know that data quality can have significant impact on campaign results. A churn of 16% in the market creates the potential for significant waste of budgetary dollars from chasing departed leads and lost opportunity from missing the new arrivals. Closing the data gap through frequent data refresh can help, but only if the source can support it.

The Catch-22 of Periodic Data Compilation

Classic “periodic” data compilers update their files monthly, making additions and deletions based on whatever data their compilation process has captured. That can be a small percentage of the actual change in the marketplace. Therefore, they must often wait until late in the school year to compile an accurate list or pull the trigger early and leave out a significant number of new arrivals. With the catch-22 of periodic data compilation, it’s data quality that loses.

Advanced Compilation Results in Higher Quality Data

MCH uses proprietary technology that monitors schools on a real time basis. It’s called MCH Monitor™ Service, and been dubbed “the first real innovation in education marketing in decades” by industry professionals. MCH Monitor™ Service scans over 64,000 schools every month looking for updates in personnel. As new professionals join the ranks, we see them, and bring them into the MCH Education database. Monitor technology enables MCH to offer the freshest, most accurate reach to the industry.

MCH Monitor Service has created Best-in-Class data quality, ranking MCH Data  #1 in Accuracy, Freshness and Reach.

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