147,818 Educators New To Schools

Just last week 34 thousand educators were added to payrolls as school doors open across the nation. The trending of educators new to schools is tracking very closely to our forecast and we expect that trend will continue. Be sure to follow along as we update this space weekly.

How does MCH monitor these new additions to schools?

MCH developed proprietary technology that monitors schools and district offices on a real time basis. It’s been called “the first real innovation in education marketing in decades” by industry professionals. MCH Monitor™ Service scans over 64,000 schools every month looking for updates in personnel.

As new professionals join the ranks, we bring them into the MCH Education database – enabling us to offer the freshest data in the industry. By compiling data at a near real time rate, MCH does not struggle with the catch-22 challenge that periodic compilers face. Periodic compilers must either wait until late in the school year to compile new to institution names or pull the trigger too early and leave out a significant number of new to institution names.

Explore the New-To-Institution Universe

  1. Watch our weekly blogs as we announce the climb in counts versus forecast
  2. Visit the MCH Website weekly to view new-to-institution names by the job titles that interest you.

Want to learn more about MCH Monitor Technology?

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