Up-to-Date Educator Emails for Marketing Campaigns

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Before embarking on your next email marketing campaign, turn to the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data. With decades of experience in data collection, analysis, and marketing, MCH Strategic Data offers the most up-to-date educator emails available, along with successful marketing strategies and guided support throughout the process.

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Up-to-Date Educator EmailsLearn tips and strategies from MCH Strategic Data to create a successful email campaign for educators.

MCH Strategic Data is a leader in the industry, and has an in-depth understanding of marketing within the education universe and other institutional markets. For example, it’s important to be aware of the unique school-year fiscal year and how that can effect your campaign timing. More specifically, many school administrators and educators are keen to spend any remaining budget funds for the year prior to June 30th. Smart campaign timing can help to increase audience interaction and conversion.

When marketing to teachers, it’s typically a good idea to direct your campaign to both their home and school postal address, as well as their school email address year-round. More than 77% of teachers said they have access to their school email inbox during summer months, and 82.4% said they use personal funds to purchase educational products.

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