If you loved QED, you need to read this!

If you loved QED, you’re going to love what MCH has done with QED even more!

We have been very busy during the four years that have passed since we acquired Quality Education Data. If you haven’t taken a look at MCH for a while, the time is now. We are bringing innovation, technology, and industry knowledge together to bring you best-in-class products and services.

If you want to increase response rates, build better lead generation programs, create more targeted communications, and reach contacts your current data provider doesn’t have, consider that MCH Monitor Service provides a solution that has never been available to education marketers before this time.

Monitored schools are compiled on a monthly cycle from school websites making our Monitored school data the cleanest and most current in the industry. Every month new names are added, other names are deleted, and the rest are verified as still there. Plus, we also verify millions of job functions and emails every month.

In tests, Monitored names have consistently outperformed traditionally compiled data (opens up 15%, clicks up 48%, Click to open ratio up 32%).

Learn why Monitor Service is the solution you need to increase ROI.