K-12 Administrators Have Withheld Spending due to Washington Impasse

Sweet Springs, MO February 25, 2013MCH Strategic Data reports that more than a quarter of K-12 administrators say they have withheld spending because of the fiscal impasse in Washington. 145 of 543 or 26.7% of respondents to a just-completed survey of K-12 school and school district staff indicated that the funding cliff and threat of sequester weighed into spending decisions.

“There is no question that the federal funding issues in Congress are putting a chill on the schools and businesses that are dependent on their spending.” said John F. Hood, President of MCH Strategic Data which conducted the survey. “In a climate of reduced funding because of lower revenues from most state and local governments, the inaction from Washington is more salt in the K-12 wounds.”

The survey did not attempt to quantify the amount of reduced spending. It’s important to note that sequester will not impact most federal funding for schools in this school year. Since most school districts cannot carry over funds from one fiscal year to the next, most of the withheld spending is likely to be spent by June 30th when the majority of school fiscal years end.

The survey was conducted by email over 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday February 18th to 20th.

MCH and District Administration will present more information about the survey results on March 6, 2013.

About MCH Strategic Data:
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