MCH Reveals Data-Driven Insights on the State of K-12 education

For years, MCH has had a pulse on the education industry. Not only does MCH maintain the most updated K-12 education database, but they also spot and track marketplace trends and reveal data-driven intelligence on the sector. Educators talk candidly about spending, technology needs, and their most prevalent concerns.

According to Angela Ridpath, VP Marketing for MCH Strategic Data,

“In order to paint a 360-degree picture of the current environment, you need to gather both qualitative and quantitative feedback to draw assessments. That is what our report does.”

Get Insights On Media and Marketing

This year, the report also focuses on how educators view media channels.

“If you are a sales or marketing professional, understanding how educators view and respond to media channels is important when creating multi-channel campaigns,” said Ridpath. “We’ve learned that educators are an important subset of the business sector. Focusing on media channels that they trust is not only important, but those channels may be counterintuitive to other segments. Knowing your audience is key.

Access The Report

Download the Principals’ Assessment of K-12 Education report to find candid feedback from over 1,000 principals.  Educators reveal issues, concerns and talk about their most prevalent needs. Read the full press release here.