Hospital Marketing Database from MCH

The MCH Hospital marketing database is comprehensive and enables marketers to reach over 160,000+ decision-makers in more than 95 specific Hospital departments. In addition, you can refine your campaign with selects including budget, number of employees, and approval codes. Reach new contacts by sending your message to an administrator’s email or hospital mailing address.

There are thousands of decision makers at hospitals and most of them have independent budgets to spend, however their spending may depend on whether the hospital is a for profit or non-profit facility or a member of a multi-hospital system. In addition, the MCH hospital database can help you identify how many beds are located at a particular institution, whether the hospital is owned by a church or government, and the types of services offered by the facility.

Tips – Marketing to Hospitals

  • Hospitals are the epicenter of the rapidly growing healthcare system, and exert a huge amount of purchasing power. There are dozens of decision makers with  independent budgets at each location. Be sure to include the appropriate administrators in campaigns targeted to physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Compared to some other types of institutions, there are relatively few hospitals  (for example, only about 7,000+ hospitals, compared to more than 120,000+ schools). Due to the small quantity, it is not necessary to use geographic or demographic selections to reduce the size of your campaign. It’s usually best to market to the whole universe.
  • MCH recommends the use of personal names in complex institutions like hospitals. Title addressed mail pieces are less likely to be delivered.Where several job titles exist for related services, we recommend marketing to all of them for best coverage.

The MCH hospital file is used by hundreds of clients, including Fortune 500 companies.Some of our clients place dozens of orders for our hospital data each year,
basing their marketing strategy on the strength of our compiling efforts. The MCH hospital file is also a favorite of many of the nation’s leading list brokerages.

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