Early Childhood: More and Unexpected Benefits of Age 0 and Up Day Care

More and Unexpected Benefits of Age 0 and Up Day Care

In an unexpected finding from the Abecedarian Project 42 years later, the children who received full-time day care until ecmlc-resourcesage 5, showed dramatic health benefits, according to an article Friday in the New York Times.  One of the most important outcomes of MCH’s Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council Meeting (October 2013) was the importance of age 0-3 childcare in determining academic success. If you follow the current press at all, you have no doubt seen the gathering tide in support of Pre-K at both state and federal levels. It appears that much more funding is on the way.

However, there is also an emerging consensus that the highest ROI on early childhood investments start with children aged 0-3. There is little evidence of a funding surge here. Much of the day care services at these ages is provided through family day cares. These are much more loosely regulated than licensed childcare centers although regulations are tightening up. The real issue is funding. Assuming the Abecedarian benefits are as positive as reported, the ROI will be much, much greater than already predicted, and the sooner that is widely recognized, the better.