Wilson Marketing Group

MCH Strategic Data Acquires Wilson Marketing Group

MCH acquired the assets of Wilson Marketing Group (WMG) in 2011. Wilson Marketing Group was a database management and market research firm that developed and maintained the definitive early childhood database. The acquisition provides early childhood marketers with more marketing opportunities and a broader reach. Highlights since 2011:

  • The Wilson early childhood database has been continuously updated by our on-site compiling team.
  • Customers now have access to early childhood educators in the MCH school database, child care centers and chains, and home day care providers.
  • MCH gathered industry thought leaders at the Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council meeting to discuss funding, emerging trends, and legislation.
  • We invested in new technologies to launch Monitor Service, a game-changing compilation method that enables us to multi-verify millions of educator names each month, while adding new names and deleting names of educators no longer at schools. These new names are available only from MCH. You simply can’t get them from any other education data company.

The education market has evolved since 2011. Our commitment to the education market and the continuous investment in technology and innovation has enabled us to outdistance our competitors to provide the freshest, most accurate education data available.


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