MCH Videos

MCH Videos

MCH B2B Lead Generation and Database Marketing

MCH Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council Meeting

MCH Monitored Schools

MCH Strategic Data—Innovative Education Database Compiler

K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now!

Webinar presented by MCH, Annie Teich, and District Administration

Microsoft Power Map Videos

Ohio School Districts

Microsoft Introduces Power BI and Power Map for Excel Capability Using MCH Data

Learn more about transforming data from Opaque to Immersive!

Infinite Access

Infinite Access—2-Minute Overview

Infinite Access—15-Minute Demonstration

Infinite Access “How Do I?” Series

The “How Do I?” series covers some of the frequently asked questions we hear from beginning subscribers. Have suggestions on other training videos? Email your ideas to!

How Do I Manage K-12 Exports from Infinite Access?

How Do I Find Old Contacts at a New K-12 School?

How Do I Search for K-12 Funding?

How Do I Log In and Manage Your Infinite Access Account Settings?

How Do I Use Infinite Access K-12 School Mapping Capabilities?

How Do I Search for K-12 School Personnel?

How Do I Create a K-12 Education Lead Lists?

How Do I Prioritize K-12 Education Leads?

How Do I Use Infinite Access Quick Search to Find K-2 Leads?

How Do I Save Infinite Access Searches?

How Do I Search for K-12 Schools and Districts?