Verified School District Marketing Lists

MCH Strategic Data offers verified school district marketing lists to marketersbus-878697_640

MCH Strategic Data boasts a School District Database with top-quality marketing data for marketers who wish to conduct effective marketing campaigns to school districts. This School District Database from MCH Strategic Data enables marketers to reach decision makers at public school districts and district-related offices around the United States.

From this database, marketers can create incredibly accurate, verified school district marketing lists, which can be narrowed by a wide range of factors, including number of schools in the district, enrollment code, features (i.e. year-round, AP classes offered, ESL programs, etc.), district type, annual budget, technology budget, expenditures per student,¬†and much, much more. MCH Strategic Data’s verified school district marketing lists help marketers reach their acquisition or retention goals and ensure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

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