Updated Lists of Local Government Officials

MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source for updated lists of local government officials. Create custom lists to meet the specific needs of your campaign.

Looking for lists of local government officials for your next campaign? MCH Strategic Data offers addresses, phone numbers, and emails for thousands of government officials throughout the United States. Whether your planing a direct mail, telephone, email, or multi-channel campaign, you can rest assured that you will be using the most reliable and up-to-date data possible.

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lists of local government officialsCreate highly customized lists, designed to help you achieve your specific campaign goals.

The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data can assist you in building highly customized lists of local government officials. Using targeted lists for your campaign can help to increase your ROI and save funds. For example, you can chose from over 60 specific government official job titles. Consider developing customized marketing materials for City Clerks, City Mangers, Elections Directors, Mayors, Human Resources Directors, Zoning Administrators, City Assessors, Budget Directors, Health Officials, Presiding Judges, Parks and Rec Directors, Public Safety Coordinators, and other local government officials.

Schedule your campaign for just the right time.

Proper timing is especially important when marketing to local government officials. Many local governments must spend their allotted budget before the end of the fiscal year, or they may receive a smaller budget allotment in the next year. So it may be a good idea to time your campaign during the final spending period of the fiscal year.

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