Updated Address Lists for Police Departments

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Created customized updated address lists for police departments for a targeted, effective campaign.

It may be beneficial to your campaign to create a mailing list that is targeted towards a specific population. With update address lists for police departments from MCH Strategic Data, you can select from a wide variety of data, including job titles, type of institution, number of officers, number of employees and more. For example, you may wish to direct your campaign to individuals with specific job titles, such as Commanding Officer, Police Chief, or State Patrol Administrator. You could create an even more targeted list by selecting the type of institution, including Highway Patrol Headquarters, Highway Patrol Zone Office, Main Police Department, Police Precinct, or Zone Office Headquarters. Additional selections could include fiscal year end month, local population, NAICS code-primary, person new-to-file date, population score, SIC code-primary, or wealth score.

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Updated address lists for police departments are covered by the GetThere™ Guarantee, so you can feel confident about your campaign. Return any mail pieces with MCH-compiled institutional addresses that have been returned by the post office due to an invalid address to MCH. If returned within 90 days from your invoice date, then a refund of 50¢ per piece will be provided.