Update on edWeb.net

edWeb.netI was in New Jersey Tuesday and had dinner and a longish session the next day with Lisa Schmucki, founder of edWeb.net (full disclosure: MCH has a financial interest in edWeb). edWeb is now hosting about 30 webinars a month for various communities (highly focused groups of educators on a particular subject area). Lisa told me that the sponsors of communities, who are largely school product companies, value their sponsorships for the webinar content and audience delivery that edWeb provides. I, being more sales oriented perhaps, thought the sponsors would be more interested in the leads they get; the leads being all the members of these communities. Some of them have 3,000 or 4,000 members. But apparently the perceived value is in the webinar content which can also be repurposed for content marketing and brand awareness. Lisa with edWeb is delivering something new and different.