Tips for Successful K-12 Database Marketing

Learn tips for successful K-12 database marketing from the professionals at MCH Strategic Data. Here’s a spoiler: Sourcing accurate data is key.

Before embarking on your next K-12 marketing campaign, make sure you take the necessary steps to make your efforts as successful as possible. Here are a few tips from the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data, a leading source of educational data in the United States.

k-12 marketing databaseTip #1: Consult the Professionals

MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in institutional data collection, customization, and analytics. Our team understands the unique seasons and cycles of the education universe and can help you navigate the complicated spending habits of K-12 schools. We offer free quotes as well as assistance in using effective K-12 database marketing strategies from the creation of your marketing lists, to successful campaign timing, to the client follow-up.

Tip #2: Create Clear Campaign Goals

Once you establish your primary campaign goals, the rest of your K-12 database marketing strategies will fall into place. Consider your target audience: do you want to reach individual classroom teachers and support staff? Or perhaps you’d rather direct your campaign towards decision-makers at the district level. Once you establish your target audience, you can create customized lists based on a variety of aspects, such as location, job title, school size, school budget, and more.

Tip #3: Utilize the Response Potential Model™ from MCH

As suggested in Tip #2, creating targeted lists can help to save on funds and increase conversion rates. MCH Strategic Data has created the Response Potential Model™ to help you target the most responsive schools quickly. The Response Potential Model™ employs an algorithm that highlights the schools and districts that are most likely to convert.

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