Tips for Direct Mail Marketing to Institutions

Get effective tips for direct mail marketing to institutions from MCH Strategic Data, a trusted source for institutional data and marketing strategies.

Are you interested in learning more about direct mail marketing to institutions? With decades of experience in institutional data collection and marketing strategies, MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source for tips on direct mail marketing to institutions in the United States.

Direct mail marketing to institutions can be tricky. For example, did you know that institutions represent about 12% of the records on a typical B2B database, but represent 33% of the U.S. economy? In addition, many institutions have similar names, or share physical and/or mailing addresses. For example, all schools in a district may have their mail delivered to a central district office for distribution, or a church may also have a school or daycare facility located at the same address.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when direct mail marketing to institutions. Click here to learn more, or contact MCH Strategic Data for further inquiries.