The School Email Marketing Database from MCH Strategic Data

Are you looking for a school email marketing database that will make your next campaign a success? Learn what makes MCH Strategic Data a trusted source for accurate school data in the U.S.

Before embarking on your next school email marketing campaign, be sure to source the freshest data possible from a trusted school email marketing database. MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in the collecting and customizing accurate school data for schools and institutions across the United States.

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school email marketing databaseThe first step in building a successful school email marketing campaign is to source accurate, up-to-date data. New teachers appear on school rosters every day across the country, and it’s important to include this group in your audience. The MCH Strategic Data school email marketing database is updated regularly, and also includes data for “new to school” individuals, often weeks or months ahead of the industry.

One of the great aspects of email marketing is that you have the ability to see results almost instantaneously. The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data can assist you in analyzing those results to learn which segments of your lists are interacting with, ignoring, or covering from your email campaigns. This detailed analysis can help create even more refined lists for future campaigns, as can teach you more information about your target audience.

MCH Strategic Data provides a wide range of services for email marketing to schools, including direct mail companion campaigns, lead generation, prospecting, and reporting. For more information about these services, click here. Ready to get started? Contact MCH Strategic Data today for a free quote.