Targeted School Librarian Mailing Lists

targeted school librarian mailing listsCreate Effective Campaigns with Targeted School Librarian Mailing Lists from MCH Data

MCH Data provides targeted school librarian mailing list to publishers, vendors and other distributors for direct mailing campaigns. Direct mailing advertising can be an especially effective way to reach school librarians. MCH Data’s Librarian and Media Specialist marketing database includes personal names, mailing addresses, email addresses, home addresses, and telephone numbers for librarians and media specialists at Public, Private and Catholic Schools. For even more targeted school librarian mailing lists, you may select the fiscal year end month, gender code, grade level, highest degree earned, home ownership, household income, household type, length of residence, local population, marital status, NAICS code-primary, person new-to-file date, populati score, SIC code-primary, url, and wealth score. MCH Data’s targeted school librarian mailing lists are updated annually with daily verification, and are covered by the GetThere™ Guarantee.

School Librarian- Monitor Service

In addition to the annual targeted school librarian mailing lists, MCH Monitor Service updates school personnel data monthly. This achieved by monitoring websites published by schools for staff changes, which provides MCH’s customers with the freshest and most accurate education data available in the marketplace. A particularly effective feature of the Monitor Service are the “new to school” names. In each of the four months from July to October, 40% or more of school websites changed their personnel listings.

How to Use Targeted School Librarian Mailing Lists

Direct mail remains a popular and effective way to market to school librarians and media specialists. MCH’s experienced sales managers are available to assist you in creating successful direct mail campaigns that are constructed for a specific population and designed to drive results. In addition to direct mail marketing, you may consider reaching out with email marketing. MCH can be there to help at each step of the process, from developing an effective strategy, to designing the campaign and then analyzing the results.

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