Does 15% School Market Churn Factor Into Your Data Strategy?

As of mid-October, MCH Monitor™ technology had tracked 12,958 educators joining school payrolls across the US, bringing the total tracked to 299,541 since the July 1 start of the school year. The accuracy of our weekly predictions is uncanny. Therefore we can safely accept the following as a very high probability: 10% of the marketplace will churn by October 30 … Read More

Infographic Depicts How Use of Real-time Data Doubles Click-through Rates

MCH Strategic Data offers cost-effective education marketing data that achieves higher campaign results Sweet Springs, Mo. (Sept. 29, 2014)­ – The leading provider of real-time educational marketing data, MCH Strategic Data, releases an infographic depicting the frequency of school personnel changes and the optimal time for education marketing. Data for the infographic was gathered through … Read More