Webinars Double the Value of Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to double the value of your marketing dollars?  Webinars are the secret to doing just that. And if you are good, you can more than double your dollars. We tend to compartmentalize our marketing plans with separate line items for email marketing, conferences, social media, lead generation, and marketing research. Launching an … Read More

Webinar: ESSA Under the New DOE: How ESSA Will Affect My Organization

Learn about the latest updates, what we are seeing in the new administration with ESSA, and how it will impact your business as you close out the selling season and begin planning for 2017–2018.  Presented by Steve Rowley, CEO, Acumen Partners. Hosted by Michael Campbell, Vice President, Acumen Partners Watch the Recorded Webinar Now Webinar was … Read More

Email Creative Best Practices Webinar

Listen today! The WhatCounts team provided great information for both marketers and designers during the April 3rd webinar, Email Creative Best Practices. Alex Bardoff, Manager of Creative Services and Lindsey McFadden, Manager of Campaign Production Services reviewed email creative basics and best practices, discussed technology’s impact on industry trends, and delivered recommendations on improving your current … Read More

K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now!

The webinar, K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now! is based on the results of a recent District Administration and MCH Strategic Data survey, there are hundreds of thousands of K-12 budgets and billions of dollars that will be spent by June 30th. We learned that K-12 decision makers want SPECIAL OFFERS. They want … Read More

Pre-K-12 Professional Development Market Forecast 2012-2013

Listen to the MCH/Simba webinar, Pre-K-12 Professional Development Market Forecast 2012-2013, to learn more about the current status and future potential of professional development. The findings are based on a recent survey conducted by Simba Information and MCH Strategic Data. The top responses to the survey question about what schools are looking for in Professional Development … Read More

Understanding Educational Purchasing

Learn More About District-Level Purchasing Trends Listen to the MCH webinar, Understanding Educational Purchasing, to learn more about the recently commissioned District Administration (DA) K-12 Buyer Survey. Daniel Kinnaman, DA Publisher, covered district-level trends in purchasing responsibilities, utilization of purchasing teams, specific budget forecasts for the 2012-2013 school year, and district administrators’ personal influence regarding … Read More

Discover the 2012 Technology Tools and Trends in K-12 Schools

Listen to MCH Strategic Data’s webinar recording to discover the 2012 technology tools and trends in K-12 schools and how classroom learning is changing. Ms. Kathy Mickey of Simba Information presents the results from a recent market research survey conducted by MCH Strategic Data and Simba Information. Plus, Tim Clark, Ed.D., shares information about his district’s … Read More

10 Email Trends Guaranteed to Increase Your Success

Listen to MCH Strategic Data’s webinar, 10 Email Trends Guaranteed to Increase Your Success by Reggie Brady, a leading authority on Internet marketing, email, and social media. In the webinar, you’ll learn 10 valuable email-marketing trends, including: What marketers are doing right and what they are doing wrong New tips on spicing up email creative What … Read More

Business-to-Institution Marketing: Optimizing the Value of the Purpose-Driven Industry

Discover the value in the business-to-institution (B2i) market with a free webinar presented by MCH Strategic Data and Multi Service. This one-hour webinar defines institutions—i.e. the .org, .gov, and .edu segments—totaling more than 2 million in the United States. Institutions include healthcare facilities, places of worship, educational organizations, government entities, and other non-profits. In this … Read More

QR Codes: Connecting People, Print & Mobile

Get an introduction into the mobile marketing trend of QR Codes with a webinar presented by MCH Strategic Data and Ruxter Mobile. This one-hour webinar explains the combination of mobile and QR Codes (or 2D barcodes) and how they provide an unprecedented ability to instantly transport potential customers from a direct mail, print, or electronic … Read More