Don’t let your K12 Product Launch be a DUD – 5 Ways to make it POP!  

Are you launching a new product or service in the K12 market sector?  It’s important to make sure you are taking the right steps to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy to get noticed and make a good first impression. If you fail to launch properly, your product could be considered a dud. The excitement of … Read More

Expanding Career and Technical Education in K-12 schools

The skills gap is real.  More than 80 percent of manufacturers report that talent shortages will impact their ability to meet customer demand. According to Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, The Skills Gap in US Manufacturing report, Career and Technical Education in K-12 schools plays a vital role in helping American businesses close the skills gap by … Read More

Quality Data Is the Foundation for Integrated Marketing Strategies

One of the most important elements of an effective integrated marketing strategy is quality data. When focusing on K-12 sales and marketing, using valid education data is key. There are two integrated marketing strategies that utilize data to achieve positive results:        Data-driven marketing Data-driven marketing is based on market insight and analytics to target the … Read More

Early childhood Marketing – One size does not fit all

Do you market to Preschools and Daycare centers?  If so, grouping them together and talking to them similarly is a common pitfall that many people make. Early childhood marketing can be tricky. These institutions may appear similar, but they are extremely different when it comes to making purchase decisions.  That said, you cannot apply the … Read More

Webinars Double the Value of Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to double the value of your marketing dollars?  Webinars are the secret to doing just that. And if you are good, you can more than double your dollars. We tend to compartmentalize our marketing plans with separate line items for email marketing, conferences, social media, lead generation, and marketing research. Launching an … Read More

Highlights from NMC/CoSN K-12 Horizon Report

2016 report examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on teaching, learning and creative inquiry in schools. An annual consideration of the trends and technologies that will drive educational change in the future, this year’s Horizon Report identifies six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in edtech that are evaluated in the … Read More

K12 Marketing for the Changing Landscape

Although my “day job” is working as a Marketing Manager at MCH Strategic Data, in my spare time I am on a board for my children’s K-6 elementary school. Our mission is to provide supplemental funds to the school for innovative curriculum that the school’s budget will not cover. At this point, most schools in … Read More