The Long Tail of Email Marketing

Email marketing messages generally have an impact for a limited time.  This is generally a few days- while recipients receive, open and read their email.  There is an additional impact of email marketing that I think of as the long tail of email marketing. In the world of website marketing, long tail distribution describes the … Read More

How Email Testing Paved the Way for 400% ROI in Direct Mail

Problem: How do you guarantee solid results in direct mail when you have no idea what the offer, price point, or creative approach should be? Answer: Test first in email. Email test results can correlate to direct mail results when testing audience, subject line, offer, etc. Best of all, email has a 24 hour curve … Read More

Monitor Email Test Results – Wow!

A major school email marketer conducted a test of emails from MCH Monitored Schools against traditionally compiled emails. The test was conducted in March 2014 to 150,000 names in each panel. The Monitor Email Test results are in: Opens                                    up 15% Clicks                                     up 48% Click to Open Ratio          up 32% Monitored schools are compiled on … Read More

Marketing to Churches – Timing Matters!

If you are marketing to Christian churches, getting your offer in front of decision makers prior to Easter and Christmas is very important. These two holidays represent the peak donation times. This year Easter is early so the time to launch your campaign is now. Don’t forget that now is the time many churches make … Read More