Don’t let your K12 Product Launch be a DUD – 5 Ways to make it POP!  

Are you launching a new product or service in the K12 market sector?  It’s important to make sure you are taking the right steps to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy to get noticed and make a good first impression. If you fail to launch properly, your product could be considered a dud. The excitement of … Read More

School Personnel Universe

School Personnel Universe from MCH See also: School District Personnel » School Database » School District Database » The MCH School Universe Database includes personal names, mailing addresses, email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers for all personnel located at Public, Private, and Catholic schools throughout the U.S. Mailing addresses in the School Personnel Universe … Read More

Education Marketing Strategies

MCH Education Marketing Strategies & Tips The Education industry is enormous and encompasses institutions ranging from small private schools to large metropolitan districts with sub-district offices. MCH compiles an extensive amount of information about schools and school districts so be sure to dig deeper by going to our Data Counts page and download our current digital … Read More

Classroom Teachers (Teachers by Grade)

Teachers Database from MCH For additional School Personnel, Click here. For School District Personnel, Click here. Request counts and get a price quote. MCH’s Teachers database includes personal names of over 5 million educators’ school mailing addresses, over 3.5 million email addresses and over 3 million home addresses. Teachers influence purchasing decisions at Public, Private, and Catholic … Read More

Student Travel Growth Tips

Are you looking to grow your market-share in the student travel sector?  It is important understand how decisions are made and how to tap into the right contacts at schools and districts. Here are few strategies to help you uncover new opportunities:  Tip: 1  Start with a clean list of teacher names   Did you … Read More