Expected Growth for Charter Schools

  The Trump Administration’s proposed budget for 2018 isn’t all bad news.  Although a 13% overall reduction in funding, there are considerable increases for charter schools and private school choice programs. On April 28, Congress will decide whether or not they want to continue the funding resolution as is or make changes for the upcoming … Read More

K12 Marketing for the Changing Landscape

Although my “day job” is working as a Marketing Manager at MCH Strategic Data, in my spare time I am on a board for my children’s K-6 elementary school. Our mission is to provide supplemental funds to the school for innovative curriculum that the school’s budget will not cover. At this point, most schools in … Read More

Tips for the Modern Education Marketer

The education sector is crowded. I’ve often termed the industry as over-served. Educators are being bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Plus, they have access to unlimited amounts of research and information. It’s no wonder that many sales and marketing professionals are finding it more difficult to break through the noise. Modern marketing calls for sound … Read More