Webinars Double the Value of Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to double the value of your marketing dollars?  Webinars are the secret to doing just that. And if you are good, you can more than double your dollars. We tend to compartmentalize our marketing plans with separate line items for email marketing, conferences, social media, lead generation, and marketing research. Launching an … Read More

District Buyers Interested in Special Offers Before End of Fiscal Year

Spending Down K-12 Budgets Before the End of the School Year Many districts hold some budget dollars in reserve for any emergency situations that arise throughout the school year. Often, those dollars have been slated for specific purchases but the purchase is delayed until the end of the districts’ fiscal year. Other districts delay spending … Read More

K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now!

The webinar, K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now! is based on the results of a recent District Administration and MCH Strategic Data survey, there are hundreds of thousands of K-12 budgets and billions of dollars that will be spent by June 30th. We learned that K-12 decision makers want SPECIAL OFFERS. They want … Read More