The Neuroscience of Learning

Science is shaping the K-12 industry. The world of K-12 education is rapidly evolving. Teachers, students and parents are embracing new methods of learning and measurement. Many of these new methods involve the study of neuroscience. As a parent, I look at my own children and see vast differences in their leaning styles, and I’ve adapted my way … Read More

Making the Most of Your Email Marketing in 2017

Email continues to be an integral channel in 2017. However, like with any medium, there are always ways to improve results. The days of “spray and pray” emailing are long behind us, replaced by account-based marketing and one-to-one messaging.  Customers and prospects expect you to know them and understand them and provide a good user … Read More

MCH Monitor Service – Monthly Update

MCH now has 1,829,925 personnel at 31,170 Monitored Schools! If your New Year’s resolution is to increase your sales, we can help you accomplish your goal. Since Monitor Service was announced, we’ve added 832,000 emails and 173,224 new to institution personnel. A client recently shared that they used our Monitored Schools data as a supplement … Read More