Doctor Marketing Database from MCH See also: Medical Practices » The MCH Doctor marketing database includes personal names, postal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers for more than 1,000,000 Doctors and Office Managers. In addition, you can select from more than 100 primary and secondary specialties, gender, and type of degree. Doctor mailing addresses are … Read More

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

MCH Healthcare Marketing Strategies & Tips The MCH healthcare database is comprehensive and includes a broad range of decision makers at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and smaller healthcare institutions located throughout the U.S. In addition, we compile contact information for Doctors, Medical Practices,Dentists, and Dental Practices.  Get started on building your healthcare marketing strategies with MCH. … Read More

Looking for doctor email lists and doctor mailing lists?

Why market to doctors? They are among the most educated, affluent, and respected members of our society! Some marketers have products and services applicable to each and every doctor currently practicing. Others healthcare marketers need to reach doctors by specialty with a very precise message. Regardless of which type of marketer you are, MCH has … Read More