Watching The PARCC Train Wreck

Fairly or unfairly, the PARCC tests have become the poster child for every perceived evil of the Common Core standards and standardized testing. 24 states originally committed to PARCC testing as part of the implementation of Common Core. Politicians and Common Core opponents have been largely successful in pushing back against the standards and testing … Read More

What Principals Are Saying

Each year for the past four years, MCH Data has polled K-12 principals on the issues that most concern them. Principals this year are more optimistic than they have been in the past, in part, because their teachers’ morale has improved. However, there are still many issues of concern. Principals continue to feel challenged by … Read More

Common Core News Roundup

Hunting the Pearl Among the Oysters: Roundup of Common Core News It takes just 1 ½ seconds to overload on information about the current state of Common Core. Simply Google “Common Core news,” and you’ll have more news and opinion than you can digest in one sitting. Which states still support it? How many elections … Read More

What do the Common Core Standards Really Say?

Both North Carolina and Missouri are spending this week in review of the Common Core standards. The state governors have asked for recommendations from special panels of politically appointed task force members and public educators. The standards were approved by state departments of education and have been in place for several years in both states. … Read More

Does Common Core Have a Branding Problem?

In her first piece for the new Education Post, Tracy Dell’Angela suggests that the real issue around Common Core Standards is that they have a branding problem. Referencing the 2014 EdNext data, she says: “Americans… want clear, consistent guidelines for what students should know and be able to do in math, reading and writing from … Read More

STEM Skills Scarcity in Today’s Marketplace

There has been so much controversy about the Common Core over the last year that it’s helpful to remember that it was initially the business community that called for a set of benchmarked skills to ensure that high school graduates were ready for college and career. Businesses needed high caliber applicants to take jobs in … Read More

Superintendents Speak Out About the Common Core

Even though state pullbacks from the Common Core Standards have been dominating the news, the reality is that more than forty of the states that approved the shift to Common Core are in the middle of that transition. In fact, many of the states are in their second full year of implementation. During April 2014, … Read More

Discover Expanded Opportunities in New SIIA Research

According to the SIIA 2014 Vision K-20 Survey Report, almost 60% of schools and districts do not feel “highly prepared” with adequate bandwidth or with adequate devices and hardware to begin implementation of the required online Common Core testing in the spring of the upcoming school year. Based on these survey results, it is clear … Read More

State Reversals of Common Core Pick Up Momentum

As Betsy Corcoran noted in EdSurge recently, it’s a year since Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) called for a moratorium on any high-stakes consequences from Common Core tests. Representing the interests of her members, Weingarten expressed a desire for caution as the country transitioned to the more rigorous standards. Over the … Read More

Early Reports of Common Core Field Tests

We are in the active pilot period for the new Common Core assessments, and the field tests will continue through June 6th. A total of 4 million students in 36 states are participating in these pilots. SBAC is testing a total of 3 million students in 22 states while PARCC is testing 1 million students … Read More